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Daniel Sladecek

Senior front-end developerVue.js / Nuxt.js enthusiast

Passionate about web development, JavaScript in general and new challenges.

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I've been a web developer in the corporate world for 6+ years


What can be done by JavaScript, can be done by me


Remote worker at your service... let's connect online

Active Learner

Sharping my tools whenever I have some free time

Proficient in various of frameworks / technologies

Take a deep dive into my professional journey to discover my capabilities, past employers, and areas of expertise. Gain a comprehensive understanding of my professional accomplishments and the unique value I bring to the table.

Vue.js / Nuxt.jsVue.js / Nuxt.js

The trajectory of my professional journey

Freelance / Agency

Freelance / Agency

While pursuing my university education (which I did not complete), I engaged in freelancing activities and co-founded a digital agency alongside my brother.

Career hiatus

Career hiatus

Following two years of working diligently at my agency, I decided to take a deliberate career hiatus. Subsequently, I departed from my university studies and embarked on a four-month sojourn in the United States, followed by a year-long residency in the United Kingdom.

Back to front-end development

Back to front-end development

Upon my return to the Czech Republic, I secured a position as a front-end developer at Vltava Labe Media, one of the largest publishers in the region.

Becoming Avastian

Becoming Avastian

Following my transition to Avast, I commenced my tenure and subsequently earned a promotion to the role of Senior Frontend Developer. I have since dedicated over four years of my professional journey to this esteemed organization. Notably, Avast underwent a transformative merger with the world's largest cybersecurity company, leading to its rebranding as Gen Digital.

Portfolio showcase of my work


Avast / AVG

  • Frontend development using Vue.js with integrated payment methods and DR.js (cart's provider library).
  • Built a Chrome extension in JS/Vue.js for Avastians to debug the application.
  • Executed unit testing (VTU) and end-to-end testing (Cypress).
  • Developed frontend using JS/jQuery, adding features like cross-sell offers, wire transfer QR code generator, email/gmail validator, etc.


  • Constructing web templates using HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP (Nette), modifying existing templates, and ensuring responsiveness of legacy templates.
  • Revamping the E-stránky administration portal by designing and coding the new interface.
  • Interacting with customers to provide additional support and assistance with customization of their custom CSS, JS, or HTML.


  • Developing agency websites and company site from the ground up using Nuxt.js.
  • Revamping the Shoptet template for Previously, was hosted on DigitalOcean using Dokku, and a temporary e-commerce solution (Snipcart) was implemented before transitioning the entire site to Shoptet.
  • Helping out with CSS styling of the Shopify based e-shop - Tabsta
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Daniel Sladecek - portrait
Live and breathe for JavaScript
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I love traveling! Explored US, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Italy... and more to come.
Mountain tops = ultimate recharge
Gym enthusiast. Chest day every day. Protein is life. 20 + 20 = 60!
Mixed Martial Arts is my passion, even as I age
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